Monday, 8 November 2010

Unrest in Créteil during first round of Ivory Coast election

This is a little bit late, but there was a slight disturbance in Créteil, where my lycée is, during the first round of the Ivory Coast presidential election.  According to Le Parisien, police used tear gas to disperse Ivorians because of a last-minute change of location of the polling stations.  The voters were apparently not informed of the changes.

This has caused the electoral commission in the Ivory Coast to call almost unanimously for the vote in France to be annulled.  

France takes a keen interest in the activities of its former colonies in Africa.  Le Monde reported that the elections, the first in ten years after a civil war took place from 2002 to 2004, took place calmly in the country itself.  The Guardian warned that counting the votes could be contentious.  

The second round will be held on 28th November. 


  1. Hi Rob!

    Thanks for your comment on my post. :) It's appreciated, as is your including my blog on your blogroll. Thank you!

    Thanks for this post, too. Our computer has fits, and starting it up in the morning takes a lot of time (I get up at 6 am to do so it is working by about 6:45. Yeah, we need to get it looked at!). I turn on France 24 in English while I wait for things to get going, and so that I can learn a little of what is happening in the world from the (mostly) French perspective, or at least the perspective that the expat newscasters tell while reporting the news for the French news organization. Anyway, I noted that the elections in the Ivory Coast was one of the top stories last week, but did *not* know about the local problems in Créteil. This was really interesting information to know about (well, for me, anyway. I like news). I also appreciate the links to the different connected news stories. It's nice to have posts that cite/link sources, something else I appreciate. :)

    I'm going to go back into some of your old posts now to read up on your story a little. Thanks again for commenting about your blog, and best as you go about your week. (I left you a reply on my post, too, BTW).

    Take care!

  2. Rob,
    I"ve no idea how you found my blog but glad you did and I appreciate your comments. Lucky you to be able to live in Paris for a year. Perhaps she will steal your heart , as she did mine, and you won't be able to leave!

  3. Karin: It's a pleasure. I try to put links in where I can to the news. I'll stay reading your blog for your thoughts!

    Virginia: I found your blog by browsing blogrolls, including Karin's I think. I do feel lucky to be here, I've got a feeling that I you're right and I'll want to stay.