Monday, 29 November 2010

Marché de Noël

On 22nd November, Mélanie Laurent turned on the Christmas lights at the Champs Elysées.  Since then, the Avenue has been ablaze with light every night.  There is a Christmas market with stalls selling mulled wine, crepes, warm clothes, souvenirs and all sorts. 

It's certainly not as authentic as the markets you can find in Strasbourg or Aachen in Germany which date back years or even centuries.  And some of the stalls sell all the classic tourist goods like fake Eiffel Towers.  Bah, we'll let that slide.  After all, it's Christmas soon, right?

So, again this blogger risked frostbitten fingers to bring you some half-decent photos of la plus belle avenue du Monde at Christmas.

The Roue de Paris dwarfs everything at the Place de la Concorde

People gathering round one of the stalls

  The Grand Palais lit up  

Anyway, we're still waiting for snow to settle.  There might be some next week.  If there is, more photos will follow.  Also, have a look here for more (and better) photos of the Christmas Market.  A plus.

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