Tuesday, 2 November 2010


The July Column in Place de la Bastille, near my new flat (Source: photos-libres)  

After five weeks of searching, I've moved into a new flat!  I'm no longer sans domicile fixe in Paris.  It's in the twelfth arrondissement near Bastille.  It's a nice area which is a lot closer to Créteil where I work.  I think it will knock off around fifteen minutes and two métro changes on the journey to my school.  It's got everything I need nearby - a Monoprix, an internet café, a newsagent, a choice of métro stations.  For the less savoury gentleman than yours truly there's a sex shop offering cabines climatisées (air-conditioned cubicles...)   
There's still a fair amount to set up - I don't have the gas on and I don't have an oven until Wednesday, so cooking is limited to toast so far.  I also have to set up Internet; I'm writing this from a hotel that let me use their WiFi.  

If anyone needs any help finding a flat in Paris, this company could help you enormously.  They've been scouring the ads and estate agencies arranging viewings for studios, speaking English and French fluently.  It's entirely thanks to them that I found the flat I have now. 

Anyway, that's the latest.  Back to school on Thursday, hopefully teaching will be back to normal.  I'll post about la rentrée in due course...

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