Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Rue Mouffetard at Christmas

In the 5th arrondissement there is a famous road called Rue Mouffetard.  It's at the heart of the quartier; a cobbled street that's almost as old as the hill that it runs down.  It's crammed with traditional French bakers; butchers; restaurants and creperies, although shamefully I used to buy most of my food from the Franprix when I lived there! 

I was back there the other day and saw it was lit up for Christmas:

The Entrance to Rue Mouffetard
The lights in the street
I've seen a few other streets lit up- the most obvious one being the Champs Elysees which I posted about earlier, but the Rue Mouffetard is the most tastefully done. 

Today we had the heaviest snow I've seen this year.  Unfortunately I've had a cold lately so I decided not to venture out into the sub-zero streets to take photographs.  Still, I've got earlier snowy snaps on the way.  A plus.


  1. It looks absolutely lovely and charming.

  2. I love how each little neighborhood has its own style of Christmas lights. Be sure to check out the area around Palais Royal as they have made the lights out of Sprite and Coke 2 Liter bottles!

    I left late Tuesday in the beginning of the snow storms. My daughter is leaving (or hoping to leave) Paris today.