Tuesday, 14 December 2010


First of all sorry for not posting in a while; it's been quite manic lately leading up to the end of term on Friday.

OK, I said earlier that I would post when we had some snow in Paris.  We had a flurry on Saturday 4th December and a genuine blizzard on the following  Wednesday.  Coincidentally I was doing a class on Wednesday on snow when it began, and the lesson quickly turned to "describe what you see outside" as we stared out the window.

It was pleasing to learn that France is equally incapable of dealing with snow as the UK, with basically all buses cancelled that Wednesday and the Peripherique severely delayed.

Anyway, this photo is from the lighter snowfall on the Saturday at the Eiffel Tower.  I hadn't visited the Tower in a while, but I figured that it would make a nice wintry scene.  Et voilà:

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