Monday, 18 October 2010


...estation. Protests. That's the story of this week in Paris, as students, trade unionists, teachers and apparently oil refinery workers have all been going on strike and generally making life difficult for Sarkozy and company.

On Friday I only had one class to go to, so I turned up for it and found students and teachers standing about outside and in the foyer. I asked the sociology teacher what was going on and he told me "manif". I asked some other teachers what they were protesting about. They laughed and said "la retraite. Toujours la retraite." Lots of students had taken the opportunity to skip school. Nobody turned up for the class I had slogged for an hour on the metro to get to, so I chatted with the teacher for the whole lesson.

I heard stories about schools being barricaded by students around my school, and apparently vandals smashed windows in a lycée near mine.  Next stop, May '68. 

In other news, the flat I was looking at fell through, but I've found a more promising flat, again in the 12th arrondissement. Hopefully I'll get that one instead!

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